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Roman Rocks in Mathematics and Medicine

But what is the marble, I mean moral of this discussion?

The Men Who Made Medicine Human

Today is the first ever installment of #ThreesomeThursday, a series where I put together three historically separate persons in one shared thematic web every first Thursday of the month.

The History of Healing: Farmacy (Part III)

Nope, that’s not a typo. Yes, that’s deliberate. Why? Because pharmacy, or medicine in general, shares the same origins with agriculture.

The new Robin Hood film looks like shit

Not content at changing Robin Hood’s address, the writers decided to completely tamper with his birth certificate by changing his year of birth to some time during the 18th century.

The History of Healing: Hippocrates’ Sense of Humour (Part II)

The Ancient Greeks were responsible for comedy. They also propounded the medical four humours theory. Was it because they believed that laughter is the best medicine?

Physics, Pi, and Poker: The Hawk’s Farewell Flight

A SCIDOLS tribute to Stephen Hawking.

The Wisdom of Words with William Whewell

What are names and why are they important?

Charles Darwin and the Unread Letter

A Valentine’s special for Charles Darwin’s birthday.

Sexiest Homo Came Earlier than Expected

Homo sapiens are just about ready to do it anywhere, anytime. And when I say “do it” I mean to say talk. There’s just so many things that arise after talking. Friendships are formed. Relationships are established. Structures are erected. Sex happens. And because of the latter and our penchant for constant conversations, we have […]

Watt is Making it Hot in Here?

Things are starting to get really steamy.